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Tour hidden alleyways in search of urban art


Tel Aviv is a rising star in the international street art and graffiti scene. This magical tour will take you through the side streets and alleyways of this colorful urban underground scene. Together we will explore the best works of the street art and graffiti that covers the walls of our public space. Come learn about the history of graffiti, discuss philosophical, psychological and economical aspects of urban art, get to know the different agendas and styles of this  constantly changing art that is a hidden part of our everyday lives. The walls around us speak to us every day, join us and learn the language of the streets.

Cost: 149NIS per person 

Tours Schedule

Wednesday: 10AM – Florentine neighborhood

Thursday: 10:00AM "Hamesila park"

Saturday: 9:00AM "Graffiti-kids" - Hebrew only

Saturday: 12:00AM  - Kiryat Hamelacha



Tasting tours in Tel Aviv's markets


Taste some of the best middle eastern cuisine and soak in the atmosphere in Tel Aviv's open air markets. Try special delicatessen unique to these markets and hear authentic stories between the stalls. 

Cost: 235NIS per person 

Tours Schedule

Sunday: 12:30PM – Levinski market
Monday: 12:30PM – Jaffa Flea Market  Jerusalem Machne Yeduda

Tuesday: 12:30PM – Carmel Market
Wednesday: 12:30PMLevinski market

Thursday: 12:30PMJaffa Flea Market  Jerusalem Machne Yeduda

Friday: 11:00PM - Carmel Market



Is a One-of-a-kind culinary adventure


Tel Aviv has been repeatedly named the #1 vegan culinary destination in the world. Here is where generations old traditional vegan and vegetarian cuisine meet innovative young chefs to deliver a truly unique culinary experience, a one-of-a-kind savory adventure for food lovers, whether you are vegan or not.  

You will taste the best dishes of the top vegan restaurants and street food in Tel Aviv handpicked by true foodies.

Between the bites we will talk about the philosophy and history of veganism, break all myths around it and learn about healthy nutrition.

Join us and try the wide variety of vegan food that our city has to offer.

Make sure to come hungry!


Tours Schedule
Sundays &Thursdays 1:30PM – Vegan culinary tour
Mondays & Wednesdays 18:30 (06:30PM) – Premium Vegan culinary tour



Night tour of Tel Aviv's wild nightlife


Tel Aviv is a destination world-famous for its bustling nightlife and party scenes, attracting the best DJ's and young travelers from all over the world. We provide local connections to all the hidden spots you probably won’t find by yourself and  VIP hospitality in all the massive clubs. There is an abundance of different styles and places to go and we have all the options and knowledge you may need to party till you drop.

Cost: 100NIS per person 

Join us for an unforgettable night. Try to keep up, in the city that never sleeps.


בי טורס וערן - מועדון מטיילים

סיורים בלעדיים לחברי הקהילה


ברוכים הבאים לשיתוף הפעולה המרגש בין בי טורס ו-"ערן -מועדון מטיילים" -

פלטפורמת מטיילים מהגדולות בארץ לחובבי טיולים: משפחות , זוגות, חברים גרושים גרושות ועוד.

וכעת אתם המטיילים תוכלו ליהנות מאירועים ייחודים מהנחות בסיורים ובפעילויות שלנו "בי טורס"

ע"מ להירשם לפעילות יש להזין קוד אשר יפורסם בערוצים השונים בקהילה.

למידע נוסף, אירועים והטבות נוספות ניתן לבקר באתר הקהילה

או בדף הפייסבוק

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  • Tel Aviv beach
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  • View of Jaffa
  • Hidden Alleyways
  • Carmel Market
  • Tel Aviv Graffiti
  • Habima Square
  • TLV Pride

Why BE Tel Aviv

"For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move."

Robert Louis Stevenson

Be Tel Aviv Tours offers a variety of cultural experiences and tours designed to give you an insider's look into Tel Aviv. 

We have been touring the city since 2012, keeping up to date with all the new trends, to show you what is really going on in our city.

We will provide you with the best guides in town who will open your mind to the real Israel through a local's point of view.

Our tours focus on the hottest topics of today's Tel Aviv life, so if you are looking for a local experience off the beaten track - Come walk with us!

Guest Reviews

Had a great time on Evi's Vegan Tour! Simply amazing. It is an experience you should not miss when here in Tel Aviv.

Samuel Tvzi

I would do it again AND follow it with the Vegan Tour. The tour guide was smart, polite, nice and the tour was great fun. Plus a great source of photos for my annual holiday card! Thank you, Betelaviv!


This is a great way to be introduced to the Tel Aviv culinary scene...we ate many delicious dishes, met fun and friendly people and learned so much. The 3 hours flew by thanks to the our wonderful guide - Evi is a great ambassador for the vegan world in Israel. It’s a terrific way to spend the afternoon - vegan or not! Highly recommend!


Tour was brilliant. We called Evi at 4pm for a pm tour and he managed to sort out another couple to do it with us. He gave us a really good background to graffiti in general and in Tel Aviv and lots of background on each of the areas, artists the works we visited.

Scott Kennedy

Amazing tour for vegans and non-vegans alike! Super tasty food, interesting facts and nice conversation. Overall a really fun experience with a great tour guide!

Batia Bee

It was amazing, interesting and fun to have a taste of many vegan dishes from different restaurants in Tel Aviv. Our tour guide was a great guy, very welcoming. I really enjoyed the tour and I recommend it!

Luke Morton

An amazing, delicious tour! The staff are genuine and informative and the food was unbelievable! Tel Aviv is a vegan heaven!


See the city from a local's point of view